Development land for commercial construction with valid permit

1920 Martigny

Development land for commercial construction with valid permit


This 3,010 m² plot has a free mandate and enjoys an excellent location in the heart of the commercial zone and close to the motorway. This unique location is highly visible, even from the motorway. Its 200 parking spaces split over three underground levels give it a significant advantage. Located on a busy road, this site would be suitable for a large retailer. Thanks to the zoning plan (plan de quartier) in place, the plot, which offers a gross floor area of 4,500 m², has a valid building permit that could be issued very soon.


The local authorities have created a welcoming business environment with attractive financial incentives for high-growth companies.

The municipality aims to attract investors, primarily through the creation of a favourable fiscal and economic environment that supports business growth.

This is reflected in:
- Tax exemptions up to 10 years
- A highly competitive fiscal regime
- Low costs for public utilities
- Competitive financial incentives for foreign investors
- Secured loans
- No restrictions on currency and dividend transfers
- An absence of parent/child inheritance tax

Plot of land 1

The 3,010 m² plot is located in sector A for commercial constructions of shopping centres and car parks, according to the district development plan.

- Classification: Sector A for commercial constructions of shopping centres and car parks is allocated to commercial constructions of shopping centres (reception, sales, services, etc.), depots, services and indoor car parks.

- Conformity with the cantonal structural plan (plan directeur cantonal): Sector A of the zoning plan is to conform with the cantonal structural plan and in particular with the coordination factsheet B.3 ‘Shopping centres’.

- Conformity with the municipal regulation on constructions and zones (RCCZ): Sector A of the zoning plan is to conform with the regulatory provisions of Article 145 and the new article of the RCC zone ‘Shopping centres’.

- Ground coverage: Constructions are to cover a maximum of 50% of the ground area.

- Envelopes, maximum height: The maximum height of buildings is 10 metres. Elevations to allow natural lighting are permitted up to a maximum of two metres of extra height. However, they are to be located at least 25 metres from route du Courvieux. Superstructures of technical equipment (monoblocs, refrigeration units, coolers) are to be grouped on the roof. Particular care is to be taken to ensure they are discreet and to limit noise emissions. The dimensions are to be reduced to a minimum, although may exceed the maximum envelope.

- Distance from boundaries: The distance from the boundaries is to be one third of the height, but a minimum of three metres.

- Parking spaces: The requirements for parking spaces for sector II are 4.2 spaces / 100 m² of retail space.

- Architectural options: The zoning plan is to present a coherent overall concept from an architectural standpoint.

- Materials, use of space: The space is to be converted in a contemporary architectural style using materials such as concrete, metal and glass.

- Green roofs: Roofs of new buildings should be as ‘green’ as possible, as should the land remaining after the 50% of the ground has been covered and to satisfy 10% of the RCCZ.

- Signs and billboards: Signs and billboards will be addressed by the responsible authority when the building authorisation requests are submitted. They must be integrated into the architectural concept of the façades and exterior features (totems), while respecting the cantonal and other legal frameworks.

- Conversion of undeveloped outdoor spaces: Undeveloped outdoor spaces are to be converted into recreational and games areas and green spaces. Temporary exhibition spaces may be set up in keeping with the recreational and games areas and green spaces. Trees are to be planted in outdoor spaces in line with the municipal authority guidelines.

- Degree of noise sensitivity: The degree of noise sensitivity for the zoning plan is ‘DS III’, according to the zone for shopping centres.


Martigny, located at the crossroads between Gd-St-Bernard and La Forclaz, is the main town in the district of the same name, with a population of almost 17,000. Thanks to its geographical location, the town has been home to a variety of official, commercial, cultural and sporting activities for many centuries, as can be seen from its numerous Roman and medieval ruins. The town’s cultural scene is particularly rich and diverse. Martigny’s tourist appeal also stems from its location on an international axis, accessible by major road and rail routes, helping to make it the number one town in Valais in terms of nights stayed in hotels and other guest accommodation.

The town owes much of its success to the character of its open-spirited, hard-working and entrepreneurial residents, and to a prevailing attitude of creativity and respect for nature based on a humanistic, inclusive view of society. Not just a thoroughfare, but a town of lasting memories, history and culture, Martigny is a small town with a big heart located at 475 metres above sea level. Its proximity to winter ski resorts and summer hiking areas, as well as to Lake Geneva, make it a haven for sports enthusiasts throughout the year.

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CHF 6'772'500.-
0 rooms
Reference: 7750
Number of plots: 1
Equipped: Yes
Surface of parcel: 3010 sqm
Constructible area: 4500 sqm
Altitude (m): 475 m


Railway station
Bus stop
Highway entrance/exit


Stores 20 m
Station 1000 m
Public transports 30 m
Freeway 700 m